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Shared Lab Space and Biotech Incubator in the San Francisco Bay Area

Our JLABS @ SSF story:

The first standalone JLABS incubator space is located in the Birthplace of Biotech.

Home to the first biotech companies, prestigious academic and medical institutions, cutting-edge technology firms, top-tier venture investors, and world-class scientists, the San Francisco Bay Area was the perfect place for JLABS to open its first standalone site. JLABS @ South San Francisco opened its doors to innovative life science start-up companies on March 3, 2015. Since then, JLABS @ SSF has built a world-class innovator community that attracts top entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, and industry partners all working towards the common goal of getting innovative solutions to patients faster.

JLABS @ SSF has built a non-competitive cooperative climate. This state-of-the-art 30,000-square-foot facility can accommodate 30-40 companies, providing residents with a combination of shared and private specialized lab facilities and office spaces. Value-added offerings such as operational support, educational programs, and active Resource and Investor Hubs are just a few of the offerings that position resident companies for success.

JLABS @ SSF includes opportunities for BLUE KNIGHT™ residency. Blue Knight is a  joint initiative between Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). The collaboration aims to stimulate the innovation and incubation of science and technologies that may improve health security and response by supporting  companies focused on public health threats and emerging infectious diseases. Learn more about Blue Knight.

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329 Oyster Point Boulevard
3rd Floor
South San Francisco, CA 94080
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JLABS @ San Francisco

Key lab equipment

Every JLABS location features state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation and equipment—what new resident life science companies need to get up and running on day one.

This capital efficient model takes time and investment out of the equation, eliminating the normal setup typically required of a start-up. We even provide training on equipment like UPLCs, FPLCs, FACs, among others.

  • Cell Culture Labs (BSL1 and BSL2):

    Biosafety Cabinets, Incubators, Shakers, Centrifuges, Microscopes

  • Chemistry:

    Fume Hoods, HPLC, Lyophilizer

  • Core Laboratory Facilities:

    Autoclave, Glass Wash, Dry and Wet Ice, Milli-Q Water, Cold Storage, Lab Benches

  • Common Research Laboratories:

    PRC/qPCR, Thermocyclers, Plate Reader, Gel Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Microscopy


Office space

When you’re not in the lab and need to take care of business, we have you covered.

  • Private Offices

  • Shared and Coworking office space

  • Conference rooms

Photos of our San Francisco lab space

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