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Incubator for Medtech and Life Science Start-Ups in Shanghai

Our JLABS @ Shanghai story:

Our Story: JLABS in Shanghai – the first in Asia Pacific.

Opened on June 27, 2019 in collaboration with the Shanghai Municipal Government, Pudong New Area Government, and Shanghai Pharma Engine Company, Ltd., JLABS @ Shanghai is the first JLABS location established in Asia Pacific to serve the greater Asia Pacific region. The state-of-the-art 4,400-square-meter facility can accommodate more than 50 life science and healthcare start-ups, both single entrepreneurs and innovators, and larger companies, focused on innovation across the entire healthcare spectrum, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer, and health tech.

As one of Asia’s leading centers for commerce, finance, and entrepreneurship with a population of over 25 million, Shanghai is an emerging leader for life science innovation and a growing base for Johnson & Johnson’s research and development work. The city has the highest concentration of medical R&D resources in China, including significant R&D talent, science parks, universities, and medical schools.

These factors, combined with subsidies to incentivize corporate research, development, and production in healthcare, make Shanghai an important science hub and an ideal location for our first JLABS in Asia Pacific.

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JLABS @ Shanghai
No.1 South building,
JinChuang Mansion
No.4560 Jinke Road
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,
Pudong District
Shanghai, 201210
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JLABS @ Shanghai

Key equipment

Every JLABS location features state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation and equipment—what new resident life science, medtech, and biotech companies need to get up and running on day one.

This capital efficient model takes time and investment out of the equation, eliminating the normal setup typically required of a start-up. We even provide training on equipment like 3D printers, UPLCs, FPLCs, FACs, among others.

  • Cell Culture Labs (BS1 and BSL2):

    Biosafety Cabinets, Incubators, Shakers, Centrifuges, Microscopes

  • Chemistry Labs:

    Fume Hoods, HPLC, LCMS, Lyophilizer

  • Core Laboratory Facilities:

    Autoclave, Glass Wash, Dry and Wet Ice, Milli-Q Water, Cold Storage

  • Common Research Laboratories:

    PRC/qPCR, Thermocyclers, Plate Reader, Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Microscopy, BioProcess Systems

  • Common Prototyping Lab:

    3-D Printers, Electronic Testing & Assembly, Laser Cutting


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